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Meetings & Hearings

Below are links to video or audio recordings of past Surface Transportation Board public meetings and hearings, including oral arguments, listening sessions, and technical workshops.  Transcripts of past meetings and hearings are available here.

Date Subject

Oversight Hearing on Demurrage and Accessorial Charges, Docket No. EP 754 (Day 2)

Oversight Hearing on Demurrage and Accessorial Charges, Docket No. EP 754 (Day 1)

Technical Workshop on Productivity Linking Factor, EP 290 (Sub-No. 4).

Public Listening Session Regarding CSX Transportation, Inc.’s Rail Service Issues, Docket No. EP 742

Technical Conference Following STB’s Adoption of Tentative Measure of the Average Change in Rail-Industry Productivity for 2011-2015 and the Agency’s Request for Public Comments

Economic Roundtable Discussion: Issues, Conclusions of Independent Study (the “InterVISTAS study”) on Railroad Rate-Case Methodologies.

Note: Due to audio difficulties, Chairman Elliott’s introductory remarks cannot be heard. The remainder of the video functions normally.

Technical Workshop – Review of the General Purpose Costing System

Public Hearing, Petition of the Western Coal Traffic League to Institute a Rulemaking Proceeding to Abolish the Use of the Multi-Stage Discounted Cash Flow Model in Determining the Railroad Industry’s Cost of Equity Capital, Docket No. EP 664 (Sub-No. 2)

Public Hearing, Railroad Revenue Adequacy, EP 722

06/10/2015 Public Hearing: Rail Transportation of Grain, Rate Regulation Review, Docket No. EP 665 (Sub-No. 1)

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