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Attorney-Adviser (Transportation)


Summary:  The individual serves as an Attorney-Adviser, GS-0905, in the Office of Proceedings which has primary responsibility for drafting decisions and developing the public record in formal proceedings.

The full performance grade level is a GS-15. The hiring official may select at any grade level from GS-11 through GS-15.

Announcement number:  STB-21-NG-10993749

Open & closing dates:  12/22/2020 to 01/08/2021

Pay scale & grade:  GS 11-15

Salary:  $72,030 to $170,800 per year

Service:  Competitive

Appointment type:   Permanent

Work schedule:   Full-Time

Location:  Washington, DC

This job is open to:

  • The public


The major duties of this position are researching and drafting decisions in formal proceedings before the Board. The Board adjudicates, among others, the following types of proceedings: complaints of unreasonable railroad rates or practices; declaratory orders; licensing of rail line constructions, acquisitions, or abandonments; railroad mergers or acquisitions; and proceedings under the Board’s limited jurisdiction over motor carriers, water carriage in the noncontiguous domestic trade, and certain pipelines.

In preparing draft decisions, the selected attorneys will review the record before the agency and apply the relevant statutes, regulations, policies, and case law. Board decisions include summaries of relevant evidence, analysis of salient legal issues, and findings of fact, conclusions of law, and determinations of actions to be taken by the Board.

The selected attorneys will lead meetings with staff from other offices within the Board to develop recommendations for resolving Board proceedings, lead briefings of the Board members to present staff recommendations, and draft legal memoranda, correspondence, or other materials as assigned.

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